Atlus Counting Down To Persona 3: FES?

Not another timer! While I am sick to death of countdown timers, this one is from the creators of about 25% of my favorite games, so I am torn. Luckily they made it sort of easy to figure out what the timer is counting down to. It's definitely Persona 3 related, as sharp-eyed Kotakuite Jim points out that the countdown clock matches the clock seen at :54 in the original Persona 3 intro, seen here on YouTube. My guess? Personal 3 FES is finally going to be announced for North America. The expansion disk for Persona 3, released last April in Japan, included new quests and missions for the original game, a hard difficulty setting, new costumes, a new weapon synthesis system, twenty-three more Persona and a continuation of the story called Episode Aegis, starring Aegis as the main character. Two voice actors for the game have already leaked the info that it was on it's way, and now this, which could wind up being the least surprising countdown timer ever. We'll find out at 7AM Eastern time next Tuesday!

[ - Thanks Jim!]


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