Atlus Infects Wii With Octomania

For many gamers, the name Atlus has become synonymous with quality, quirky Japanese RPGs - so here's a budget-priced puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii. Bit of a curve ball there really, but I have faith in the company. Developed by Idea Factory and published by Conspiracy, Octomania features a crazy story, a crazy setting, crazy characters, and probably the most crazy bit - online multiplayer. A puzzle game with online multiplayer for the Nintendo Wii, for only $US 19.99? Personally I suspect this is some sort of trap. Maybe the case has a bear trap in it or something. Those Atlus folks are damn sneaky. Look for either cutesy online puzzle action or a bear trap taking your hand off at the forearm for your Nintendo Wii come March 11th.



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