Australia Gets Pirates Of The Burning Sea For Free

Perhaps as a tip of the hat to our convict roots, Flying Lab's parrot-and-grapeshot MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea will be released to the Australian public for free. Aussie telecommunications provider Telstra are sponsoring the deal, where all interested persons have to do to nab themselves either a download key or a DVD of the full game is visit Telstra's website and register their email address. And before you ask, no, you don't need to be a Telstra customer to get the deal, it's open to anyone and everyone (though BigPond customers will get 20% off the $US 15.95 per month subscription rate, which you'll still need to pay - you're "only" getting the game for free). My swash is well and truly buckled.
GameArena - PotBS [via PALGN]


    I was reading through that, getting all excited...oh, still have monthly fees, bummer. Well free game a suppose...sokay, i guess...

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the header, but I guess that would be too good to be true...especially from Telstra

    Free game is a nice start, but that monthly fee is more than WoW, makes it's chances of success rather slim. I signed up anyway cause I love me some pirate ship action Arrrrrr.

    Dont be fooled!
    These servers will be empty of any well organised and dedicated societies and players.
    The entire dedicated aussie fanbase and organised societies (from Beta and US release) are located on the antigua server and bill through SOE. Antigua (US) server is the unofficial australian server with an extremely healthy community of aussies already there

    [...] While I wasn't able to find any clear demographics as far as WoW is concerned, other (smaller) MMOGs have launched with dedicated servers for Australian players, so someone has to believe [...]

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