Banjo Kazooie 3 "Won't Be A Traditional Platformer"

In the latest Scribes section at the official Rare web site, a Banjo Kazooie fan pesters the staff for details on the announced, but as yet unseen, Banjo Threeie hoping for a 3D platforming adventure to carry the torch. Rare may have dashed his hopes, as the word from on high says that "Banjo won't be a shooter [...]but it also won't be a traditional platformer."

They didn't elaborate much on what the next Banjo's "different take on the genre" but it sounds like the team at Rare is trying something new. On the multiplayer front, the Scribes columnist writes "We aren't in the business of crushing little boys' dreams so your multiplayer hopes will be answered. The 'new direction' that Banjo is taking should offer a multiplayer experience unique to anything currently available."

Yeah, yeah, how about showing the thing already? Can we agree that GDC is a good time? I'll take your silence as confirmation, Rare.

Scribes - February 13, 2008 [Rare]


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