Bashcraft Numero 2, Inafune Numero 3 (Does Not Compute)

Earlier, I appeared on the Bionic Commando podcast and rambled on about pointless things and got in an argument with some Capcom dude. Good times. The official word from Capcom is that the podcast I appeared on is the second most downloaded BC podcast. The first is where the team discussed Bionic Commando Rearmed, the second was me droning on and on and the third was when Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune showed up. Hello craziness! That's just makes no sense whatsoever. So please, do humanity a huge favor and go download the crap outta the Inafune podcast. That guy made Dead Rising and Onimusha, I sit at home in my underwear and misspell words all day. He has insight into the gaming industry and should be second! Not me, dammit!
Do The World a Favor, Listen to Inafune [Bionic Commando][Pic]


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