BBC Program Terribly Upset With Brain Training

The BBC's Watchdog program is upset with Brain Training. Very upset! Host Nicky Campbell has criticised the game and accused it of "discrimination", after hearing testimony from folks who can't be understood by the game thanks to their strong accents. That'd be northerners, Scots, Northern Irish, and Welsh, then. In other words, nearly half the population of the United Kingdom. My advice: learn to deal with the disappointment, and move on. Many Americans and Australians, and in particular New Zealanders and South Africans, are all in the same boat, and our lives aren't lying in ruins just yet.
Brain Training discriminates against Northerners, says Watchdog [CVG][Pic]


    The UK voices (I have no idea what accents they were) in Brain Training 2 (or whatever it's called here) were utterly incomprehensible. I couldn't understand a thing they were saying in the "listen to the voices and pick the words" exercise, even when it was just one person talking... wish I had've bought the American version instead (assuming it had yank speech).

    While on the subject, anyone else annoyed at the British money in the money counting exercise? A lot harder to distinguish between than American money (I have their version of the first game).

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