Bender Excited About Gears Of War 2 (Now With Added Brumak)

John DiMaggio is the voice of Bender. He's also the voice of Marcus Fenix, which is the more likely reason IGN were interviewing him, hoping no doubt that - as is becoming common these says - as a voice actor he'd spill the kind of games-related beans a developer wouldn't dare. DiMaggio didn't disappoint. He reveals that, like the PC version of the original, players will face off against a Brumak in Gears 2. He also says Franklin will be returning, then goes and loses himself with excitement:

Oh man, dude - there's new weapons, new beasts, there's a couple of new characters, and it's just badass.

Yes, that's wonderful, but is there story this time, John?

There just might be.

It looks cool as s—. The storylines are really cool and the relationships of the guys in the game - the sequences that explain things that are going on - they're a lot deeper.

Marcus Fenix Talks Gears of War 2 [IGN]


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