Best Buy Ad Lists Devil May Cry Anime

bestbuyad.jpg Although the rumor was circulating last week that the Devil May Cry anime was facing cancellation, this week's Best Buy Ad has a picture of the DVD listing it at $US 19.99. The ad also claims that the disc will contain twelve episodes but seeing as these things get printed long before the actual delivery date, this may have been done before the rumored cancellation. It still lists the release date of Feb. 5 and the required disclaimer that the date is subject to change. If you're feeling lucky, you can try to pre-order it here at Best Buy or here at Amazon, but just be aware that your money may soon be coming back to you. Or you could always just get store credit and use it to purchase the first and second seasons of Perfect Strangers which comes out the same day. Come on, that cousin Balki is a hoot!

[Thanks, Veras Gunn]


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