Big Actor Got Half a Million For Voicework, But Who?

moneystack.jpg It's no secret that film and TV actors are doing voice work in games. Some actors, like Keith David (The Thing), are finding more work in games than in film, while big Hollywood stars are picking up extra cash as well. How much does an A-list star get for an afternoon of voice work? Typically, stars get in the high five figures for single voice session. One major actor got half a million dollars for one session. Says Lev Chapelsky, who manages a company that contracts screen actors for game voicework:

Agents are under the misconception that there's a ton of money to be had for their clients. In a game, the entertainment is about the gameplay. The actor's contribution isn't as important as the gameplay.

Voice acting is important, but certainly not more important than good gameplay. Trying to figure out who got half a million... Any idea?
Video Games Give Actors Second Chance [Reuters][Pic]


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