Bionic Commando Gets Remote Play

An HD remake of Bionic Commando (Bionic Commando: Rearmed) is coming to PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and PCs. But only one version will include the free bonus of fitting in your pocket. Bionic Commando will support Remote Play through the PS3, quite possibly making it the first third-party title to support the system's integrated service.

It's good news, and hopefully an important step in ensuring that Remote Play stops being news—and instead becomes part of the everyday experience of owning a PS3 and PSP. And then when we post stories on Remote Play, all of you can be like, "slow news day?" And we can be like, "Witz, please take him out back. But yes, thank-you for asking, it has been a slow news day. Our apologies."

'Bionic Commando: Rearmed' PS3 Will Run On PSPs Thanks To Remote Play [MTVmultiplayer]


    Is Pixel Junk Monsters not 3rd party...?? That support Remote Play.

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