BioWare Talks MMO

On the precipice of delving into the world of massively multiplayer online games, a genre that tends to chew up mediocre and even good games and spit them out, BioWare founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk say they're not worried, but they also have a healthy respect for the challenges they face.

"It's definitely challenging," said Muzyka. "We waited years to do this. One of our first ideas, 15 years ago, was actually an MMO but we wanted to wait until we were ready as a studio. These are big projects with big potential."

"As a type of game, (MMOs) are almost at the pinnacle of maxing the difficulty levels for development," Zeschuk added. "You have thousands of people trying to break it and mess stuff up. It's very hard technically, it's not for the faint of heart."

Both Muzyka and Zeschuk are also well aware of Blizzard, but the prospect of taking on a company that so dominates one particular genre doesn't bother them.

"We look at with great respect what Blizzard is doing," Zeschuk said. "One of the challenges with a lot of (Blizzard's) previous competitors was that guys have made various tweaks to the same formula.

"We joke that we're happy to accept half to two-thirds of the WOW market."

But with BioWare, Muzyka said, the company is really more about competing with itself than with anyone else.

"We are just going to deliver something that's world class and let gamers decide if they want to play," he said.

Zeschuk said they have a strong team of MMO developers at the company now and that they are very confident they can make something work. That's being done, Muzyka added, by identifying the areas often neglected by MMOs.

"We are choosing to innovate in a bunch of areas that no one else has innovated in this space," he said.


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