Blizzard Has Cancelled More Games Than You Know About

Blizzard Entertainment execs—Mike Morhaime, CEO and Co-Founder, Rob Pardo, Senior VP of Game Design, and Frank Pearce, Executive VP of Product Development—took the stage this morning at DICE to talk about the company's history "From Developer To Worldwide Publisher." The three spent a good portion of their "conversation" talking about one of the aspects that makes Blizzard unique, their commitment to quality and gameplay above all else.

The team also revealed a list of the Blizzard games that have been cancelled over the course of their 17 years, a list longer than you may think.

If you thought Blizzard was only focused on StarCraft, Warcraft and Diablo, think again. While they may have a few lesser known titles like Blackthorne and The Lost Vikings on their resumes, they were at one point working on all of the following.

  • Games People Play
  • Crixa
  • Shattered Nations
  • Pax Imperia
  • Denizen
  • Warcraft Adventures
  • Nomad
  • Raiko

A look at some of the preliminary artwork, in extra large size, can be seen here.

We know that Blizzard was unhappy with the quality of Warcraft Adventures and many of us were glad to learn of its termination and that Pax Imperia eventually went to another developer. Oddly enough, StarCraft Ghost did not appear on the list, despite appearing to be dead in the water. Unfortunately, Pardo, Morhaime and Pearce didn't expound upon the games in question, nor did they specifically reveal why they were cancelled, but expect more from their talk later to shed more light on the decisions that go into cancelling a game.


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