Books That Ought To Be Made Into Games

We all know about horrible movie/game crossovers (going both ways), but what about books being turned into games? For the lit geek lurking in some of us, Insult Swordfighting has put together a very brief list of books that should be turned into games — and what those games ought to look like. For example, here's one take on a Russian classic:

War and Peace

A sweeping, turn-based strategy game that lets you take the side of Russia or France during the Napoleonic Wars. With thousands of units to command at once, the game quickly becomes untenable and overwhelming to all but the most dedicated strategy buffs. But everybody claims to have played it all the way through and loved it.

Personally, though I'm inordinately fond of Anna Karenina, I put down War and Peace a quarter way through, never to return — but it's still a fun and somewhat silly mental exercise to think of books getting turned into games, and what shape those finished products would take. I'm still waiting for the Mainland Chinese produced game that draws inspiration from Dream of the Red Chamber: throw some sword fighting in with the personal drama and people going crazy, and Shanda may just have another hit on their hands.

Books that should be made into games [Insult Swordfighting]


    Maddox's the alphabet of Manliess

    Force feeding babies hotsauce and dumping the weakest ones in empty garbage bins followed up with a pushing their weeping mother down the steps mini game!? Has Rockstar written all over it.

    26 short sweet chapters make it a prime candidate for yet another Minigame compliation for the Nintendo waggle box!!!!...... i'd buy it

    I've always dreamed of a great good game based on a Chuck Palahniuk novel. The fight club game had the potential to be amazing, unfortunately it failed miserably.

    My choice would be Choke, you could do something really cool with the scenes where Victor pretends to be choking in a restaurant, and this would obviously be the source of in game revenue.

    All the various conspiracy theories Victor believes could be brought into the game in a very stylish killer 7 esque fashion.

    Victors sexual endeavors could portrayed quite humorously if done well with innuendo.

    Probably would work best as Sandbox type game that still makes you move in a linear fashion, ala No More Heroes.

    Ha, i guess Suda51 should make it.

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