British Bank Blocks WoW Payments

British bank Halifax have allegedly begun blocking their credit card customers from making payments to Blizzard (ie their monthly WoW subscriptions). Why? It's all to do with security, The Register reports, with the bank having had a gutfull of dodgy transactions coming from stolen credit cards.

We have seen a significant number of fraudulent transactions through Blizzard's gaming sites. We have, therefore, blocked the majority of Visa/Mastercard transactions we receive from there in order to combat this. We do not believe the fraud is anything to do with Blizzard themselves, their sites or the integrity of their billing systems, rather it is site users utilising stolen credit card details to pay for subscriptions.

The bank says if any of their customers need another way to pay their WoW subscriptions, they should contact them and Halifax will sort something out with Blizzard. All sounds a bit fishy to me: any Brits reading this find themselves in a similar predicament?
UK bank blames fraudsters for World of Warcraft ban [The Register]


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