British Sales Charts

Whoah. Stop. The. Press. Ignore the continued success of Burnout Paradise, ignore the continued, malingering presence of Nintendo's top-sellers, and cast your eyes to #8. Donkey Kong: Jet Race. A former GameCube game, designed for use for (and sadly no longer compatible with) Nintnedo's bongo controllers. And hey, I'm sure it's a good-ish game in its own right. But when stuff like that starts cracking the top 10, you know Britain has the WII FEVER, and has it bad.

1) Wii Play
2) Burnout Paradise (360)
3) Burnout Paradise (PS3)
4) Mario & Sonic At The Olympics (Wii)
5) Brain Training
6) More Brain Training
7) Call of Duty 4 (360)
8) Donkey Kong: Jet Race (Wii)
9) New Super Mario Bros
10) Carnival: Funfair Games (Wii)

[charts courtesy of ChartTrack][Pic]


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