British Sales Charts

Tight-pants, swords and guns went down a treat in Britain last week, as Devil May Cry 4 went straight to the top spot. The irony of it being the 360 version that attained the feat will be, I'm sure, lost on nobody. Further down the chart? Both the peculiar and predictable. Peculiar: Turok charts not once, but twice. Predictable: A darts game for the Wii comes in at #5.

1) Devil May Cry 4 (360)
2) Mario & Sonic At The Olympics (DS)
3) Wii Play
4) Devil May Cry 4 (PS3)
5) PDC World Championship Darts (Wii)
6) Turok (360)
7) Brain Training
8) Turok (PS3)
9) Burnout Paradise (PS3)
10) More Brain Training

[charts courtesy of ChartTrack][Image]


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