British Sales Charts

360 and PS3 developers, look upon these charts, and despair! Actually, British gamers, you, too, should look upon this list and despair, for were it not for Devil May Cry 4's and UTIII's appearance, this would be a top ten of woefully epic proportions. Unless you're Nintendo. Or making rubbish games for a Nintendo console. If so, you'll be tickled pink.

1) Mario & Sonic At The Olympics (Wii)
2) Mario & Sonic At The Olympics (DS)
3) Brain Training
4) Wii Play
5) Game Party (Wii)
6) Unreal Tournament III (PS3)
7) Cooking Mama 2 (DS)
8) Devil May Cry 4 (360)
9) More Brain Training
10) Sight Training (DS)

[charts courtesy of ChartTrack]


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