Bungie Reveals Halo 3 Ghost Town

Today Bungie released the first screens of the first map in the upcoming Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack, due out this Spring. A general purpose map, Ghost Town is the ruins of a 24th century water processing plant built in a shallow ravine, and from the looks of these screens it is definitely my sort of map - plenty of places to hide while your teammates take care of business. Hit up Bungie for a tiny interview up with artists Vic DeLeon and Cameron Pinard and designer Lars Bakken about the inspirations behind this intriguing new map.


Ghost Town Revealed [Bungie.net]


    this map looks super cool and i can't wait for this to come out and PS: Bungie i think needs to come out with alot more borads like this and if any one wants 2 play with my online my name is

    SEA WEEED 333

    I hope 1 of the 3 new maps is a remake of a Halo 1 classic "Side-Winder". I loved that map.


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