Bungie Talk Next Game (It's "Different")

On Bungie's latest podcast, the team - between explicit statements that it's far too early to be talking about their next project - go ahead and talk about their next project, and aren't stingy about speaking in the third-person, either:

Bungie's next game - that isn't Halo 3 expansion, DLC-type stuff - will be something totally different from Bungie.

Not terribly insightful read in isolation, but it makes more sense when you consider it comes on the tail-end of a discussion about how the Wii and Rock Band have shown that a lot of gamers want "happy games", not just to "pwn or be pwned". Happy, huh? A platformer with fluffy clouds, kids in puppy suits and fully-integrated co-op would be unexpected. Unexpected and awesome.
Bungie Podcast: 2/4/08 Show is Live [Bungie, thanks Chrisso!][Pic]


    It probably won't be Pimps at Sea them...

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