Can Someone Tell Touchstone Turok Came Out Three Days Ago?

turockclock.jpg I've received quite a few emails this weekend from people saying they had picked up copies of Turok at their local stores. While it's not out of the ordinary for a game's street date to be broken by a single outlet, according to Best Buy, GameStop, GameCrazy and Wal-mart the game came out three days ago on Jan. 31. Apparently no one told this to the game's publisher, Touchstone. The official Turok website has a countdown clock that still has a little over two days left on it. The press materials and game websites like IGN and Gamespot also have it listed as a February 5th release. Is this a matter of a mass mistake on the retailers' part or is Touchstone being sneaky and letting the cat out of the bag early on purpose?


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