Cell Phone Game Hooks Real, Totally Dead Fish

A fishing cell phone games? Not so exciting. Real fishing? Meh. Fishing cell phone game with real fish? THRILLING. Over in Fukuoka, Japan, an IT company has joined forces with a local fish seller to develop a cell phone game that gives players a shoot at winning real fish. Dubbed Ippon Zuri ("Pole-and-Line Fishing"), the game has player cast their lines in hopes of snagging crab, sea bream and other types of fish. If a virtual fish is caught, a slot machine appears. Players have to line up three numbers. If lady luck is on the player's side, a message is sent to the wholesaler who then delivers the actual sea creature to the winner's door. Three games will set players back ¥1,000 yen ($US 9.25). But can you really put a price on gambling for raw fish on a cell phone? Of course not!
Cellphone Fishing [Giz]


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