Child Demands Pokemon At Gunpoint

Okay, I know that Pokemans are the source of everything good in the world, but this is going a bit too far. A 10-year-old boy in Redwood City, California wanted a fellow student's Pokemon cards so badly that he brought an Airsoft gun to Roosevelt Elementary School, held it to the 6-year-old's forehead and demanded he hand them over. What the hell was going through this stupid child's head? You don't bring a gun - fake or otherwise - into a school because you want to steal Pokemon cards. YuGiOh cards sure, but not Pokemon cards. It's 2008 already, get with the program. The underage gunman has been suspended from school pending possible expulsion, and I am betting whoever it was at his house that owns an Airsoft gun wasn't the type of person to let such behavior go without a good whack on the ass with a belt. Yes yes, disciplining your children is wrong, what was I thinking?

Armed Boy Takes Classmate's Pokemon Cards [ via DS Fanboy]


    I heard he was after a Rattata card.

    cool article. specialy the ending. So what is an airsoft gun?

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