Chris Taylor - Secure PC Gaming Is The Future

If PC gaming is to survive, the old ways must die. So says Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor, who believes that rampant piracy will kill the industry unless a move is made towards secure games - games hosted on a server that require player authentication in order to play. In fact, Taylor says that such a move could not only save PC gaming, but potentially lower prices all around.

"It inconveniences a little but now they know why. And then we can get the economics back in line and maybe we can actually start offering it up at a lower price point in the future. So it will come around full circle"

The man has a valid point. PC game piracy is one of the most prevalent types, mainly because it is the easiest - just download and go. I've often wondered how PC developers felt knowing that the moment the game they worked so hard on hit store shelves it would be up on the internet for free. What do you think? A bit of hassle in exchange for a healthier industry and the potential for lower prices in the long run? Certainly sounds fair to me.

Secure PC gaming could bring prices down - Taylor


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