Chun-Li's Chunky Legs Slapped On Ryu? Believe.

Sure, everyone's excited about Street Fighter IV, but what about that other new Street Fighter game? You know, the ugly online one for PCs. You know, the one that is controlled entirely by moving and clicking a mouse. Well! It may look like crapola, but Street Fighter Online Mouse Generation does offer something somewhat interesting: Players can switch out character body parts. So, you can put Chun-Li's legs on Ryu and have him perform her Spinning Bird Kick. Or put his arms and fists on her and have Chun-Li shoryuken the crap outta her foes! We like the idea of this, just as we like the idea of Frankenstein. (Well, before he frightened the villagers!)
SFO Mouse Gen [4Gamer via Arcade Renaissance]


    Chun li looks pretty hot in that pic

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