Church and Black Are Lesbians?

Church and Black Are Lesbians?

jericho_nude_left.jpgYou all remember Jericho, right? That average though creepy-as-hell shooter from the mind of Clive Barker?

I wish it could have been more. I wanted it to move me. Make me tingle inside with an unearthly excitement, an excitement I could channel as a pure, white stream of gaming bliss at my console.

I have no idea what that means… but I think I may have found my salvation. If you ever wanted to see Church and Black getting it on in a piece of digital art, well, LesbianGamers has the answer.

You can see the whole picture after the jump, but be warned, it’s NSFW.
jericho_nude.jpgWhat, you want it uncensored? You’ll have to visit the link below!

Jericho lesbians – Church & Black [LesbianGamers]


  • Yeah i always used church when i played this game. She’s so sexy and slutty ^^

    Black is good too, sniper rifle is always cool 😉

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