Circuit City Expanding Used Game Sales

Circuit City isn't doing well when compared to the current success of the software world. But they have a plan. Over the last year, the company has run a trial testing the waters of selling used games. And they found that the plan worked out pretty well, increasing in-store foot traffic while creating a commodity with a higher profit margin than new games. Now they plan to expand the program.

By the end of this month, they will have 25 stores supporting used game sales. And by the end of this year, that number will grow to somewhere between 50 and 60. Given enough time, that number could grow as high as 689 stores (the total number of Circuit Cities in the US and Canada). That's not exactly enough to thwart GameStop's 4,700 storefront monopoly, but a little retail competition never hurt anyone.

Circuit City To Expand Efforts In Used Videogame Sales [CNNMoney via OpposableThumbs]


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