CliffyB Explains The Hype Machine

Gears of War creator CliffyB knows what's he's doing. Guy's a pro! And when he gets up in that shit, dude is so not pussyfooting around. Don't expect the expected Gears of War sequel announcement just to slip out. The Cliffster has a plan, man. He says:

The thing is, if you're a developer and you're making a new video game — whatever that game is, I'm not talking about any sequels or anything right now — you want to control the timing of when the official word goes out. Because it's a carefully orchestrated hype plan building towards a momentous release, which is an event now. If you're not making your video game release an event, then you might as well give up on the whole thing. So what you want as a developer and look for in a publishing partner is to carefully orchestrate the tease and the timing of everything. And if somebody else comes out with some story that's not confirmed or whatever — you know, don't confirm anything unless the timing's right.

And that concludes today's masterclass in how to be a game designer. Next week, learn how frosted hair can totally make or break your game.
CliffyB Talks About Proper Time [MTV Multiplayer]


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