Close Your Eyes And Hope For Red Alert 3

The latest Command & Conquer Battlecast, the official, full-of-ham video podcast of the series, has teased fans with news of a new product announcement, due in two weeks time. One that will give you "one more reason to cheer". It can't be a C&C3 expansion, that's already underway. It can't be Tiberium, because that's well out of the bag. Which when you look at the Command & Conquer universe leaves us with... Red Alert! Yes, the best damn games in the series. EA, if this is indeed the case, and you're making another Red Alert game, so help me God, you'd better get Kari Wuhrer on the phone.

PS - Yes, it could - hypothetically - be another Generals game, but they said it was a reason to cheer, not bitch about why they weren't making another Red Alert.
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    You may not get Kari if the RA3 goes ahead... she's gotten her breast implants removed!

    she can get them removed, she can put them back in. also i want the old style music playslists back. we got all these great messages "we've been studying his music, you won't be disapointed!" for c&c3 and then we are stuck with the same pseudo-epic keyboard midi orchestra as every other rts and their dog these days.

    bring back Frank Klepacki! or atleast put in a little hell march. that's music to invade america to.

    "..she's gotten her breast implants removed!"


    Yeah, the implants were encapsulated- they got hard, they ruptured or something. So it was dangerous for her to keep them in.

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