Codemasters Connect Offers Shirow Armor, Jumpgate Beta Keys

Codemasters' Connect '08 event at the Omega Sektor in Birmingham England is coming March 14th and 15th, and they've lined up some truly amazing freebies for visitors to their MMO showcase. Probably the coolest item is for RF Online players. They've had Masamune Shirow of Ghost in the Shell fame create a suit of armour for every class in the game, and my god are they beautiful. The suit above is for a female Cora Warrior, and the rest are just as cool! Lord of the Rings Online players who attend will get a special in-game title for their character, while Archlord players will get some exclusive armor. All attendees will also get a Jumpgate Evolution pack complete with a beta key! I was invited to go myself, but seeing as I am moving on the 15th there's not a chance in hell...and I want some Shirow armor dammit! You go look at the pretty armor while I go cry.

Exclusive Armour set for every connect attendee! [RF Online Forums]


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