Come Get Your February Oz Game Bargains

cashinpocket.jpgAnthony from the Economical Gamer has again kindly compiled some gaming bargains for Kotaku AU. If you're looking to make a few purchases this month, it's highly recommended you check these out.

Included in the list is the EB Games Assassin's Creed offer from last week, in case you missed it.

All the deals you could ever wish for after the jump.

Economical Gamer [Thanks Anthony]

General Sales:
- Sign up or refer someone to EB Games webmail and get a 15% off coupon - $30 off Assassin's Creed coupon for EB Games (link article) - 50% off discontinued and old PC games at EB Games - Trade in 2 preowned games get 1 free at EB Games - Last generation and budget titles 2 for $40 at JB Hi-Fi

Xbox 360: - Xbox 360 Pro console $498 - Xbox 360 Pro console bundle with Viva Pinata, PGR3, Forza 2 & power pack $569 at Dick Smith - Xbox 360 Pro console bundle with Viva Pinata, Forza 2, Fuzion Frenzy 2, Project Sylpheed and Vampire Rain $599 at Myer - Turok $79 at Kmart and JB Hi-Fi - The Club $79 at Kmart and JB Hi-Fi - Burnout Paradise $79 at JB Hi-Fi - Devil May Cry 4 $79 at Kmart and JB Hi-Fi

Playstation 3: - PlayStation 3 console bundle with second Sixaxis controller and choice of one: Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank or NBA $762 at Dick Smith - Blu-Ray remote $44 at Dick Smith - Turok $79 at Kmart and JB Hi-Fi - The Club $79 at Kmart and JB Hi-Fi - Burnout Paradise $79 at JB Hi-Fi - Devil May Cry 4 $89 at Kmart and JB Hi-Fi

Wii: - Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games $68.84 at Big W - DK Jet Race $88.84 at Big W - Boogie $40 at Big W - Ghost Squad with gun $69.95 at Kmart - Nitro Bike $44.95 at Kmart

PC: - Empire Earth III $64.76 at Dick Smith - Sim City Societies $79.76 at Dick Smith - Universe at War $74.76 at Dick Smith - Gamer's Choice range: buy 2 get 1 free or $19.95 each at Dick Smith

Nintendo DS: - Nintendo DS Lite console $188 at Kmart - Jam Sessions $29.95 at Kmart - Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games $54.82 at Myer - Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games plus choice of Maths Training or Sight Training $60 at Kmart

Playstation Portable: - Spectra vs Generation, Guilty Gear, Crush, Alien Syndrome and Crazy Taxi $14.99 at Kmart - PSP Slim console with choice of one game from above $279 at Kmart


    Add Lost Odyssey for $79 at JB Hi-Fi to that list.

    If only there was a nice 'trade in my 3 week old baby and get my gaming life back' deal.

    I'd settle for a fast-forward 4 years so she can be off to pre-school or something - at least I'd be able to afford the cheap prices on this 2008-2010's top games.

    Love her to bits though.

    You know, I oughtta get in touch with you guys a little more closely. I''m a Perth gamer myself, and I REALLY don't wanna miss deals like that :P

    Ecogamer is amazing. When i found it, completed my holy trinity of gaming websites.

    Kotaku for news on games.
    Ecogamer for deals on where to get these games.
    NeoGAF for well....NeoGAFing.

    these guys run a fantastic site - makes it so much easier to find good deals.

    I was looking for Lost Odyssey
    I heard it was on sale at EB
    I asked them if it could be cheaper
    They called the Grim Reaper
    And by that I do mean JB

    They then asked the question
    To which I was askin'
    Is the game there 79?

    They then got their answer
    And made the game cheaper
    And I walked out of their store with Glee

    The point of this post? JB are selling Lost Odyssey for $79. Bargain for such a great game

    Some toys'r'us stores have specials on a few games. I've seen enchanted arms and fifa 07 for $20 at one of the stores in SA, and also a couple of decent games for $30. Worth checking out, even if it is just to buy them and trade them in at JB for a copy of DMC4 =P

    As always, thank you for accepting the submission and including links :D

    Someone sell DMC4 for $50 and I will get it.

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