Comment Like A Pro & Lost Odyssey Could Be Yours

lost_od_top.jpgGiving stuff away – it’s what we do. Well, it’s what we do when a company like Microsoft provides us with awesome prizes to hand out.

So, thanks Microsoft.

The particular gifts we have to part with this week are five copies of Mistwalker’s Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey. Sure, you could buy it, but why not see if you can save yourself $99 first?

All you have to do is comment. That’s right, just type something up that’s amazingly witty, funny, philosophical, informative or rumour-like (and accurate), and you may very well find yourself in the draw.

Lost Odyssey. You know you want it. Everything you need to know about the competition can be found right here.

Make A Top Comment, Win Lost Odyssey [Kotaku AU]


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