Confirmed: Duke Nukem Forever Coming in 2008, 3D Hitting XBLA

Confirmed: Duke Nukem Forever Coming in 2008, 3D Hitting XBLA

In a series of emails with the Dallas Business Journal, 3D Realms’ President Scott Miller confirmed all sorts of news about the Duke Nukem franchise of games. (We wish that anything “confirmed” about Duke Nukem didn’t just make us giggle at this point.)

First and foremost, the elusive Duke Nukem Forever is slated for a late 2008 release. As for platforms, Miller explains:

We haven’t formally announced any platforms for DNF…But, of course hitting the big three makes the most sense (PC, PS3, 360).

As for rumours of an XBLA version of Duke Nukem 3D, those are now looking pretty legit.

The details are light, but the XBLA version will feature everything you’d expect, including online multiplayer, co-op (unspecified if that is online or not), and your typical scoreboards and achievements. 3D Realms is negotiating with Microsoft to get a release window of “sometime this year” on this title as well.

But this XBLA download makes me wonder—I’ve always considered LIVE’s retro titles to be designed for “glory days” gamers who were looking to recapture magic of years gone by. How many of our younger readers use the service to download games that they never originally played, like Tapper or Doom? How many of you will download Duke Nukem 3D if you like the new version?

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