Consoles Are Stealing All The PC Gamers Away

burglar.jpg During the 90s, PC gaming was king. Refute that all you want, but know that whatever you say, you're wrong. Nowadays, though, hmmm. Not. So. Hot. Consoles are king, while PC games sit in a heap at the King's throne, wondering where it all went wrong. Mark Rein's wondering where it all went wrong. And it's breaking his poor little heart:

When [Activision's]Call of Duty 4 came out, I heard some of our guys sitting around talking about the great game they'd had last night and I'm like, 'Hey guys, what server are you playing on? I'd love to come and join you,' and they said, 'Just send us a friends request.' It was at that point I realised they were all playing it on console.

You can almost hear the violins playing...poor Mark.
The Mark Rein interview [The Guardian]


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