Crysis Comeback: Moves 1 Million Copies

Crysis Comeback: Moves 1 Million Copies
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crysis9.jpgIn the midst of the huge releases in the months that led up to Christmas, Crysis got off to a very slow start, selling a meager 86,000 copies in its first few weeks on shelves. But what looked like it could have been one of the greatest gaming flops in recent history has done a complete 180, grown legs and moved 1 Million copies according to a recent report by EA.

Now we wonder if UT3—another anticipated PC title which also flopped in November ’07—has made the same sort of comeback.


  • Crytek said a while ago that they prefer PC to console for games – that consoles, due to their very design being as simple as possible, make it almost impossible for them to run good RTS or RPG games.

    So while PC sales may be lagging behind console sales for FPS style games, it’s not so with other styles. Look at Oblivion – people WANT to run it on their PC because you can’t get all the user-generated content on consoles, same with the Sims.

    PC’s are great for some games – the more intelligent ones, if you like.. but not the simple ones that run on consoles with simple interfaces.

    And lets face it, you don’t need mega 3D performance to make a good game. I wish game devs would concentrate more on other things like AI. I’d much rather see no shadows cast from an intelligent and engaging NPC, than one having soft shadows and the brain of a carrot.

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