Cute, Musical Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Merch

gtmerch.jpg There are no casual Gran Turismo "fans". There are people who hate the series, avoiding it at all costs, and there are others who adore it, and would set their teeth on fire while kneeing themselves in their own balls if the game's license tests demanded it of them. They're that into it. If you're part of the latter camp, you may be interested in these, a GT5: Prologue soundtrack and an adorable little GT5 toy car.

gtcd.jpg The soundtrack will be available on February 20, and will be going for ¥2200 ($US 20). No idea what the complete tracklist is, but you can bet the cruisey menu music will be taking centre stage.

gtcar.jpg As for the car, it's a 2001 GT-R concept. It's 1/18 scale, super-detailed (with little seat-belts and everything!) and with little Gran Turismo decals all over it is just irresistible. All that miniaturisation comes at a cost, though, as it'll set you back ¥9000 (USD$85).
[GT5: Prologue Merch]


    you do know those 1:18 autoart model cars specifically that one are available here in Australia.

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