DARPA's Crusher, Xbox 360 GOTY

This is DARPA's Crusher. This 7-ton unmanned vehicle can drive through almost any terrain you can throw at it. But the most interesting point is its operation. While a hacked iPhone related system diagnostics in real time, a standard Xbox 360 controller is used for raising the antenna, camera control and, yes, even weapon fire.

We've heard of console gamepads making their way into military equipment before, and we always knew our soft, girlish hands were really advanced killing machines. But it's still odd to think of Xbox 360 hardware driving DARPA's latest and greatest machinery. (Cue RRoD jokes).

Pentagon's 'Crusher' Robot Vehicle Nearly Ready to Go [FOXNews via Maxconsole]


    The army that uses mouse and keyboard will win since you don't get autoaim in real life.

    Yea. I said it.

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