Death Jr. Stalks The Wii

While I certainly enjoyed Death Jr.'s two outings on the Sony PSP, I absolutely abhored the handheld controls. Now Eidos is giving gamer's another shot at the little guy, this time on the Nintendo Wii. Death Jr.: Root of Evil is a port of the PSP sequel to the original game, with slightly updated graphics and a tremendously modified control scheme, tailored for the Wiimote and nunchuk combo. You can play as Death-Lad, his goth chick friend Pandora, or team up and take on the 19 levels cooperatively. If the controls work out this could make for a pretty damn entertaining platformer for Nintendo's console. Look for Death Jr.: Root of Evil this summer.

Eidos Interactive announce Death Jr. : Root Of Evil

Eidos Interactive Ltd., one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, has confirmed that Death Jr.: Root of Evil, a spine-tingling, humorous platform shooter from developer Backbone Entertainment, will be released on Nintendo Wii in summer 2008.

Take on the role of the Grim Reaper's teenage son, Death Jr., as he and his friend Pandora, whilst arguing over a cocoon they've collected for a school biology project, accidently release an evil and powerful spirit called Furi. In order to stop Furi and her hordes of nasty minions, Death Jr. and Pandora must team up with their wacky group of friends and fight their way across a series of crazy, fun-filled locations.

"Death Jr.: Root of Evil is a compelling and action-packed game experience coupled with lots of humour as gamers play as the Grim Reaper's misfortunate teenage son," said Ray Livingston, Brand Manager at Eidos. "Played solo or together with a friend, Death Jr.: Root of Evil is a great addition to your Wii collection if you enjoy fun-filled, challenging platform games."

Play as Death Jr. or Pandora or choose to play cooperatively with a friend using both characters. Battle your way through 19 levels, fighting over 60 unique enemies and bosses in a seamless blend of 3D platforming and intense shoot 'em up action. Use Death Jr's famed scythe and Pandora's whip, as well lots of cool upgradeable weapons including everything from twin pistols to C4 Hamsters! Unlock new exciting moves and combos and learn to perform them to great effect using the Wii Remote.

Death Jr.: Root of Evil is set for release in summer 2008 on Nintendo Wii.


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