Devil May Cry 4 PS3: The Mandatory Install

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Worried over Devil May Cry 4's mandatory install on the PS3? It's OK. You can try before you buy! Crecente's taking one for the team and will be installing the game, following Capcom's instructions on how to pass the time to the letter. That means a sandwich, and that means a soda. A low blood sugar level doesn't just make him dizzy, it makes his hair go limp, and lifeless, and nobody wants to see that.


    People are looking at this the wrong way. Think of the install process as Capcom's latest game!
    MaS-GaS AKA: "Make a Sandwich, Get a Soda"

    I feel that loading 5 GB of data onto a console hard drive, somewhat violates the concept of console gaming. And as a student of programming I find it totally unnecessary.

    My hypothesis:
    That they could have loaded the data as needed for the current level onto the hard disk, while the game was playing.

    This would have had the same effect as the 5 GB install - except, you know... without the side effects of filling the hard drive up, making people delete the content or uninstall another game to play DMC4, and then likely in the future have to reinstall DMC4 to play through it a second time.

    MaS-GaS gets a 2/5 on my game rating. Who else has got a rating for it?

    surely they could have made the installation optional... and then to say you can eat a sandwich in the meantime, it's a bit of a slap in the face.

    from what i have read, it makes minimal difference in terms of the load times compared to the 360 - halving 4 seconds into 2 seconds isn't going to make it a markedly better experience.

    oh and check out the PA comic.

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