Did BioWare Have Their Heads In The Sand Over Mass Effect Controversy?

That's certainly what N'Gai Croal is suggesting over at Level Up. Having had the chance to sit down with BioWare's Ray Muzyka at DICE last night, he asked why it had been journalists and publishers who had come to Mass Effect's defence after it was attacked on Fox, and not the game's creators themselves. Muzyka's response? That they were happy to let the "community" be the first to come to their defence. And aside from a short statement issued to the New York Times, that's exactly what they did. Let others come to their own game's defence. Which doesn't sit well with Croal:

In order to sit at the grown-ups table, culturally speaking, developers are going to have to act like adults. And that means not letting other people do their fighting for them.

Little harsh, perhaps, but also largely on the money.
Like Having A Gun Pointed At Your Baby: Discussing the Fox News/Mass Effect Controversy With BioWare General Manager Ray Muzyka [Level Up]


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