Disgaea 3 Hits U.S. PS3s In August

NIS America has made the domestic release of the PlayStation 3 entry in the awesome turn based strategy RPG series official, making summer rich with Prinny explosions. Disgaea 3 will confuse graphics whores with its last-gen visuals when it hits North American PS3s this August. There's not much in the way of information from NIS about what English speakers can expect, nor is there any information on a European release, but we know of one Disgaea expert who may have answers for all your questions about the Japanese version inhabiting the comment section.


    Two days after the U.S. release, I got this game and gamestop had to order more after I got the last game to get this. I traded Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion and Motor Cross to get this. I never played Disaega and rushed to get this game. I'm surprised no one thought of what I'm going to say yet. A low key graphic game on a 50 gig blu-ray disc, should make you think about more gameplay, doods. Besides, the PS3 needed an RPG tsince FFXIII is hitting the 360 as well.

    Disaega 3 is challenging me more than FFtactics. The mana system makes things more complicated. I
    think this might be the best RPG exclusice to hit the PS3. The best thing about Disaega 3 is the item world. It let's you leave the storyline for a while.
    Besides, you guys know that everyhing looks better on your t.v.

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