DMC4 Takes 20 Minutes To Install, Worth It?

DMC4 Takes 20 Minutes To Install, Worth It?
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5718620070720_174601_15_big.jpgWhile most PS3 owners will be tempted to install Devil May Cry 4 to their hard drive, it’s worth asking if there’s much of a benefit. Why? The full 5GB install will take over 20 minutes. But the load times really aren’t much faster than playing off of the disc, only gaining about a second in most situations over the 360 disc version.

However, without PS3 to PS3 comparisons we may be discounting the possibility that the Xbox 360 version has better disc load times than the PS3 version, so there could still be a considerable loading benefit for PS3 owners. Even for 2 second savings, I’d leave the game installing while I did something else.

PS3 Devil will make you CRY with 20 min install time [CVG]


  • What about the 360? I think its an even greater offense for 33% of console owners to end up with the RROD where you then have to ship it back and wait days to weeks for a replacement to be shipped back, isn’t that much worse than having to wait 20 min to install a game? With that scenario you can’t do anything with your system at all and the difference here is that the PS3 DMC4 is “adding” the benefit of faster load times during the 20 min wait where the 360 is “fixing” a problem with the design of the system by shipping a replacement. So when you compare the two worlds I would take the 20 min install of the PS3 version over having a dead system any day.

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