DMC 4, Burnout Paradise Oz Street Dates Broken

DMC 4, Burnout Paradise Oz Street Dates Broken

dmc4_guys.jpgBroken street dates are nothing new, and now they’re downright boring, with both Lost Odyssey and Devil May Cry 4 being sold by the GameTraders in Perth a little earlier than they should have. We’ve even heard that these games have been available for a couple of weeks – as long as you knew where to look.

All it takes is one store to stock its shelves with an unreleased title, then everyone else has reason enough to do it. When questions are asked, they can just point at the original store and say “They started it!”

Not that it matters to us. In fact, it’s a good thing. Hard to argue with getting a game a few days (or even weeks) ahead of schedule. Now you can grab Devil May Cry 4 and Burnout Paradise from various retailers across the country, as their street date of Feb 7 has been thoroughly busted.

Thanks to everyone who let us know! [Photo kindly provided by Jaymis and friends, who bought their copy from Big W… and didn’t hesitate to let EB Games know too]


  • Dammit! See, now, yesterday I tried to get the local EB Games to sell me DMC4 CE and Burnout Paradise, both which I pre-ordered with a dicey little call.

    “Hello. I’ve heard rumour that you’re selling DMC4 CE and Burnout Paradise now. I’ve got both pre-ordered, so my copy is sitting there and I’ve got cash. Mind if I drop in in the next twenty minutes to pick it up?”

    The answer I received was, “no. We don’t break street dates until we’ve been called an informed to sell them.” BUT DAMMIT, my copy is in store.

    Ten minutes later though I received an IM from a friend and GameTraders store owner who informed me that “your copy of DMC4 and BP are here to pick up.” Ahhh, sweet. AND I got them at cost price.

    Looks like I know who to order through 😉

  • Any idiot who’s been in the import scene for more than two does should have figured out what’s going on by now.

    The reason that they’re at Gametraders early is because GT will import from whatever region has English text and will play on a PAL console. Parallel importation of games is legal but you do run the risk of burning your bridges with local distributors. Playstation 3, PSP and DS make this incredibly easy because you can just pull titles from the first available region with english text. Xbox 360 is a little harder but when you can have COD4 on the shelves two weeks before release date, DS games on the shelves three months before local release dates AND thumbing it to Electronics “we suck the local distributor’s teat among other things” Boutique I’m guessing the guys down there must go to sleep with giant grins on their faces.

    Hell, the guys there are probably making a mint by buying titles from the states even at retail prices and shipping them in bulk over to here. Cost of them to get a US title couriered over from Asia? $80 or less. Sell here? $110. Profit? More than you’d get from a local distributor that’s for sure.

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