DMC 4, Burnout Paradise Oz Street Dates Broken

dmc4_guys.jpgBroken street dates are nothing new, and now they’re downright boring, with both Lost Odyssey and Devil May Cry 4 being sold by the GameTraders in Perth a little earlier than they should have. We’ve even heard that these games have been available for a couple of weeks – as long as you knew where to look.

All it takes is one store to stock its shelves with an unreleased title, then everyone else has reason enough to do it. When questions are asked, they can just point at the original store and say “They started it!”

Not that it matters to us. In fact, it’s a good thing. Hard to argue with getting a game a few days (or even weeks) ahead of schedule. Now you can grab Devil May Cry 4 and Burnout Paradise from various retailers across the country, as their street date of Feb 7 has been thoroughly busted.

Thanks to everyone who let us know! [Photo kindly provided by Jaymis and friends, who bought their copy from Big W… and didn’t hesitate to let EB Games know too]


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