Do People Still Accidently Throw Their Wii-motes?

People are still having problems operating their Wiis? Apparently! While we were under the impression most had figured out that a simple wrist flick would suffice, Baltimore news station ABC 2 drops this bombshell: Some people are getting HURT while playing with their Nintendo Wii. From the ABC piece, complete with bad Wii puns and everything:

But as ABC2 News Investigator Joce Sterman found out, it also shows you there's a big difference between playing the game on the field and in your living room. The grace, the skill. There's a reason the professionals are getting paid to play. It's simply not as easy as it looks. And as we've found, there's a big difference between reality and wii-ality...

Welcome to 2006! The piece even has helpful tips like "take a break while playing" or "don't let go." Some people call this "advice," but we'll dub it "common sense." So, thanks!
Wii Have a Problem [ABC via Eurogamer][Pic]


    This remote throwing thing is rediculous. Raise your hand if you have done it yourself? (sees no hands) The kinds of people causing damage or injury are idiots with no brains or coordination. Or attention seekers looking to capatalise on the fad.

    Id like to sit down with someone who has done something like that. To ask them if it was intentional and how stupid/drunk they were, and to see their face when they answer (to see if they are lying). It would also be interesting to see how bad they are at other things, like driving or catching a ball to see if they are generally that self unaware.

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