Does PM Kevin Rudd’s Son Play World of Warcraft?

krudd_wow.jpgOkay, ignore the babysitter nonsense and focus on the picture (replicated here if your clicking finger has cramped). If you check out young Marcus Rudd on the left you’ll notice he’s wearing a Leeory Jenkins T-shirt.

Apparently the picture was originally published on page two of a recent Daily Telegraph.

Who is this Leeroy Jenkins? From what we can gather, he’s one of the biggest WoW memes to grace the Internet.

First of all – props to you Marcus. I certainly don’t have the sack to wear anything even remotely that geeky outdoors, except for maybe corduroys. Secondly, does the lad play World of Warcraft? Fourteen is definitely the right age, and ten million or so players leaves plenty of opportunity as far as sheer numbers are concerned.

If you’re reading this Marcus, let us know your choice of MMO poison. Otherwise, bask in the holy light of your new-found semi-celebrity status.

Public pays for Kevin Rudd babysitter [, thanks Owen][Picture]


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