Dojo Dump: Enter The Spoiler Era

MEGA MAN IS PLAYABLE! LOL JKThis week has been a rocky road for those looking for an unspoiled Super Smash Bros. Brawl experience. Just prior to the game's official release in Japan, the full details of Brawl's roster, its bosses, its numerous stages were all revealed by those who got their hands on it early. Even on the official Brawl web site, the Smash Bros. Dojo, producer Masahiro Sakurai has begun to reveal the game's hidden fighters. If you're the least bit concerned about that, it's time to move into the bunker.

But for those looking to relish in every detail, every screen shot, every word from Sakurai, savour the Dojo Dump. We've only got two more months together.

Monday: The Vault is for obsessive collector types, like yours truly, who like to pore over their virtual stuff. Time in the Vault is time you'll want on your death bed!
Tuesday: For an exhaustive list of the initially available tunes in Brawl, check out First Song in My Music
Wednesday:. For a straight up primer on the Brawl portion of the game, read up.
Thursday: Sakurai warns about Future Updates, which should last for the next two months and feature plenty of spoiler-filled info. An Intro Movie that helps explain the numerous game modes is added.
Friday: The first official unlockable character is profiled. If you want to know who that is, click the ?????.


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