DoodleBob Set to Invade Drawn to Life Sequel

MTV reports that THQ is pimping out their Drawn to Life franchise to the SpongeBob SquarePants universe. Normally I'd be all over the another-crappy-kidsploitation-game band wagon, but I happen to think this is a fantastic idea.

The game will feature DoodleBob, the horrible disfigured, and slightly Frankenstein-esque SpongeBob knock-off created by the yellow sponge in one of his cartoons. In the original show, a fan favorite at our house, SpongeBob finds an artists pencil and uses it to create a version of himself, which turns out to be quite evil.

Fantastic fun and more than a little bit creepy. What will make or break this game, I think, will be whether they include the creepy or sanitize it and make it into the sort of cartoon that only kids get, but bores adults, aka not SpongeBob. The fact that Altron, makers of Alex Rider: Stormbreaker for the DS, is behind this version doesn't bode well.

Hit up the link for the game's fact sheet and such.

Exclusive: Next 'Drawn To Life' Set In SpongeBob SquarePants Universe [MTV]


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