Dr. Kawashima Is A Sucker

giantkawa.jpg Man, Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training has sold a lot of copies. So has its sequel. Millions. Tens of millions. Which has made Nintendo a lot of money. But what about Dr. Kawashima himself? The guy's entitled to his share of the royalties, and so far those royalties amount to $US 22 million (of which he's entitled to half and his employer, Tohoku University, the other half). So what's he doing with all that cash? Living the high life? Partying with rappers, wearing alligator-skin boots and fishing dead hookers out his mansion's swimming pool? Nope. He's turned all $US 11 million down.

Not a single yen has gone in my pocket. Everyone in my family is mad at me but I tell them that if they want money, go out and earn it.

I'm not a Doctor, but if a game with my face on it entitled me to $US 11 million, I'd sure as shit take the $US 11 million.
'Brain training' Dr Kawashima has no time for games [AFP, via Go Nintendo]


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