DS Gets More Silly Baby Sims

French game developer Nobilis knows what the young ladies want. They want to learn all about making them babies - the cute, collectible mini-humans you can grow inside your own body! While I've got no real information outside of the April release in Europe for their upcoming My Baby Boy and My Baby Girl games, which split babies up into two different sexes to reflect the fact that women can always choose which they prefer, the introduction to the website has to be seen to be believed. Starting off all black with a video clip of an ultrasound, I thought this might be a real, honest-to-goodness realistic look at pregnancy and childbirth. Then the above image pops up, and my hopes are dashed. What we need is a baby raising game with a distraught, bedraggled woman sitting on the floor, up to her wrists in baby poop. I suppose I can dream.

My Baby Boy [The Nobilis Group]


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