EA Buyout Talk Has Ubisoft Feeling Clucky

Activision teamed up with Blizzard. EA are trying to buy Take-Two. All this talk of joining, of coupling, of consuming, it's got Ubisoft feeling all warm between the knees. So they're off in search of new things! Ubisoft's tastefully-named boss Yves Guillemot:

The desire of EA to buy Take Two pushes us to go faster, to accelerate internal growth but also to look at acquisition opportunities.

Those acquisitions aren't other companies, though. That's so passé. Instead, Ubisoft will be on the lookout for raw, malleable intellectual property and licenses, most likely because we hear Guillemot has a pathological fear of hyphenated business names, and couldn't bear to see his company take one on.
Ubisoft to bid for game licenses rather than major takeover - Guillemot [Forbes]


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