EA Decide To Leave Multiplayer Out Of Aussie Medal Of Honor Game

Last week, Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 was released in Australia for the Wii. Except...something was different. Something was...missing. Online play! Despite every other version of the game featuring 32-player online support, and EA's local marketing for the game saying the exact same thing, when the game shipped and people started trying it out, it was quickly discovered that, for some reason, the Australian version had no online play whatsoever. EA have since issued an apology for the mixup, and are offering a full refund for anyone who is upset over the omission, but sometimes an apology just doesn't cut it. Way to make Australians feel like fourth-rate consumers, EA, it's not like other publishers don't do enough of that already.
Multiplayer mix-up leads to EA refund offers for MoH 2 in Australia [GameSpot]


    what the FUCK!?

    For a second there I thought the title of this post read 'EA set a puppy dog on fire, laughs about it' and was pretty disgusted, but then I read it properly and was ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED.

    There really is no excuse for this kind of appalling behavior. We already have to pay nearly double what Americans do for this game, if they insist on the verisons being different, our version should have MORE features, not less.

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